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We’re Here to Serve You and Love Hearing from Our Customers

Our coffee team is led by Anthony Flores, a Stanford-based researcher with a focus on neuroscience—with over 15 years of experience in nutraceutical formulations that impact brain health and performance.

 He also work as a consultant in the financial services industry, helping advisors attain peak performance.

 The initial feedback Anthony and his team has received for this coffee has been incredible—and we look forward to YOUR feedback as well. Please let us know if we can support you in any way:

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Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (800) 781-6670

Please email us at support@thewealthadvisor.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is the coffee lightly-sweetened?

A: In order to have therapeutic, NOTICEABLE levels of brain-enhancing nootropics, Wealth Advisor Coffee contains a small amount of Stevia (the healthiest all-natural sweetener, with zero net carbs)—in order to maintain a delicious flavor. We find that adding milk, cream, or nut milk will help offset the sweet taste somewhat.

However, if you are strictly opposed to sweetened coffee in any form—we encourage you email us and be added to the waiting list for an unsweetened version.

Q: Is this safe?

A: Yes, in every way. The nootropic nutrients we use are food grade amino acids deemed 100% safe for human consumption, and well below the maximum daily dose. They are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and tested to be 100% free of contaminants, including heavy metals or any other potential toxins.

As for our coffee itself; it is also roasted and infused with our nootropic nutrients in a facility registered and approved by the FDA. More than that, this facility has certifications ensuring the highest quality assurance standards, including USDA & WSDA Organic, Kosher Check, Fairtrade, and Rainforest Alliance.

Bottom line: while potent, every bag of Wealth Advisors Coffee undergoes the highest levels of quality control and testing to ensure maximum purity and safety.

Q: What can I expect to notice from this coffee?

A: Most coffee is mildly stimulating, but wears off fast. Wealth Advisor Coffee is more stimulating, plus delivers additional brain benefits that include increased alertness, improved focus, faster recall of information, enhanced memory, uplifted mood, more motivation, extended mental stamina, and higher levels of cognitive functioning.

Will everyone experience every one of those benefits: typically not. What we found in our initial research and test subjects is that most consumers experienced most of those results; much depended on the state of the person’s brain and their needs at the time.

This is one reason why we offer a generous guarantee—we want you to feel assured that you’ll get the brain boost you want or need, otherwise you can return it.

Q: How long before I feel the effects of this coffee?

A: Most will feel the effects within 30-60 minutes. Everyone has different response to coffee and brain nutrients, however, so it’s wise to experiment, discover your timing response, and then drink accordingly.

Q: How long does the effect last?

A: This varies quite a bit depending on the individual, their age, the state of their brain, how much sleep they got, and more. But on average, we find the effect lasts 4-6 hours for most people.

Q: Will this make me anxious or jittery?

A: No, unlike pharmaceutical brain stimulants or energy supplements—the stimulation created by Wealth Advisor Coffee, while strong, is not harsh or unpleasant in any way. Most find it feels quite good to have their brain turned “on” like this.

Q: Is this coffee organic?

A: No, but primarily because the nootropic nutrients inside our blend—despite their purity—cannot be certified organic. Instead, we’ve chosen a coffee partner who seeks out the finest, unsprayed, chemical-free coffee beans and roasts them freshly in a pure, FDA-certified facility. We like to believe this is as close as you can get to organic coffee without being fully certified, and this is one reason why there’s no harsh after-effect.

Q: How does this coffee taste?

A: Most really enjoy the taste. Because nootropics can be a tad bitter, we’ve included a very small amount of natural sweetener (stevia), which ensures a smooth, delicious taste and no bitterness whatsoever. It also combines excellently with your favorite form of cream or milk, making it tasty any way you prepare it.

Q: What if the coffee doesn’t work for me?

A: In the highly unlikely event this coffee doesn’t deliver a powerful boost to your brain, focus, mood, memory, motivation, and overall cognitive performance—we absolutely DON’T believe we should keep your money. If this is the case for any reason, simply let us know and we’ll mail you a label to return the coffee to us. Upon receipt, we’ll give you a prompt, no questions asked refund.

Q: Does Scott Martin really love this coffee?

A: Yes, he does. Scott does more than just write and edit for the Wealth Advisor, which requires a LOT of brain output; he also works for an investment fund and, like many advisors, has a high degree of pressure to perform. This coffee helps his brain focus, be more creative, AND deliver more to those he’s pledged to serve.

Q: When will I get my order?

A: Our initial run of 125 bags of special edition Wealth Advisor Coffee will begin now and last 3-4 weeks, from arrival of the beans to roasting, nootropic infusion, and packaging. Therefore, if you order now, you should get it in time for the holidays.

Q: What if I get addicted? Will you ever have more Wealth Advisor Coffee?

A: The short answer is yes; but we’re currently beginning with a small run to reward top ranked, loyal advisors in our network. We do plan to offer this coffee in the future, and those who are among the first 125 will always have priority/first right of refusal for future shipments.